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Enrollment in Health Insurance: Take Care People 30 (2014) Ad Council Radio PSA

If you think this jingle/PSA is catchy and/or annoying, please respect my opinions! :)

59% of the under insured lack knowledge about options available to them under the new healthcare law. At the launch of the campaign, 41 million people in the United States were uninsured, exposing themselves and their families to significant financial risks in cases of medical issues, accidents and emergencies. With the Affordable Care Act (ACA), health insurance now covers prescriptions, hospital visits, doctor visits and more.

Millions of the uninsured and underinsured will qualify for financial assistance. But, recent consumer research conducted by Enroll America indicates that 59 percent of the underinsured lack knowledge about brand new plan options, and 69 percent of the uninsured don’t know that financial assistance is available to help pay for their plan. There is significant need to raise awareness, and help people get more information about the new plan options that are available for them and their families.

The “Take Care, People” campaign uses pets as the unlikely spokespeople to raise awareness, educate, and motivate uninsured Americans to explore their options and enroll in health insurance for themselves and their families under the historic ACA. The non-partisan effort provides important information and tools year round and during open enrollment. The campaign directs the target to learn more at, where they can access information and tools to help with the enrollment process – including access to zip code locators for in-person assistance, a calculator to estimate costs, FAQs and tip sheets.

A message from Get Covered America and the Ad Council. :)

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