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Aug 2018
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The site Correio Braziliense has revealed the first look of ‘Eduardo e Mônica,’ Alice’s newest project. The actress stars as Mônica in the adaptation of Legião Urbana’s song with the same title. Read below the details about the movie:

In addition to the improbable relationship, music will become a reconciliation between Brazilians separated by ideologies. Scheduled to debut in August 2019, a cinematographic work, shot in Brasilia, portrays the country in the period of redemocratization, in the mid-1980s.

Coming out of adolescence, Eduardo is raised in a conservative, Catholic, military family. University militant student of the UnB, Mônica frequents the Chapada dos Veadeiros (GO), besides the alternative circuit of the capital. When the two intersect, the shock comes. Differences highlighted throughout the plot, with the conflicts of an unlikely love between the young couple. Dilemmas that refer to the current Brazilian scenario, cracked after the polarized 2014 presidential election.

With such a message, those responsible for bringing Renato Russo’s song to the big screen intend to exhibit a romantic comedy with a dense, unobtrusive plot. “The film will show how it is possible to diverge without attacking,” says director René Sampaio. “The film proposes, like music, to find ourselves in the differences,” says Gabriel Bortolini, executive producer of Eduardo and Mônica.

The esoteric Monica, who likes to travel, has friends of diverse profiles, enjoys art films, lives alone in a busy shed of CEB, in the isolated SIA of three decades ago, will interact with a shy Eduardo, a frequenter of group of young Catholics , who has only one friend and spends most of the day locked in his room in the residential block for officers in the Urban Military Sector (SMU).


Eduardo and Mônica will portray Brasilia in 1986, the year in which the album Dois, from Legião Urbana, was released, bringing, among others, the song that talks about the meetings and disagreements of the improbable couple. Therefore, spectators will see scenes from the capital, see the costumes and hear the slang of brasilienses in the 1980s. “The film brings references of the decade, such as music, cars, movies and nightclubs, as well as Brazilian icons such as the Cinema Karim “, says Bortolini.

René Sampaio has already filmed four of the eight weeks of filming scheduled in Brasilia. He will still film a week in Rio de Janeiro. “So far everything goes as planned, but in a movie everything can change. The script can change even in post-production. What I can guarantee is that we are making a high quality movie, which will only go to theaters when it is the best possible, “says the 43-year-old Brazilian director, the same from Faroeste Caboclo (2013), another song by Renato Russo adapted for the cinema.

Star of the film, Alice Braga, 35, says she is excited to play Monica. “Eduardo and Mônica is an atypical love song is love by an entire generation, from which it ended up becoming a hymn. Like other long lyrics by Renato Russo, this is totally cinematic,” she notes. Alice is known for her international career, having participated in films such as I’m Legend (2007), with Will Smith, and Elysium (2013), with Matt Damon. On TV, she plays the lead role of the American series The Queen of the South, about a powerful drug trafficker from southern Spain.

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