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Jun 2018
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Alice Braga speaks with reporters about the comfort of being in the third season of a show, and playing those tough scenes.

Jun 2018
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News4Europe — “Queen of the South” begins its third season on USA Network, with character Teresa Mendoza attempting to retake control of her life, the series’s star, Alice Braga, told EFE during an interview.

“Teresa is taking control of her own life. In the third season the character is empowered. She doesn’t flee and she doesn’t want to be a part of the abuses and manipulations taking place around her. She wants to take control and change her life,” the Brazilian actress said.

“Playing Teresa is very interesting because things have changed a lot since the first season … This character is constantly evolving, which makes her seem very alive and prevents repetitive situations. It is a very enjoyable challenge,” Braga said.

“Queen of the South,” as well as the Telemundo series “La reina del sur,” are based on a novel written by Spanish author Arturo Perez-Reverte about the world of drug trafficking.

Braga plays Tereza Mendoza in the USA Network’s version, while that character was played by Kate del Castillo in “La reina del sur.”

“My goal is to make the character more human. I don’t want the audience to like her or to feel sorry for her. I want to make her human and show the consequences of her decisions in a very tough world. Once you are involved in the drug trafficking world, it is very hard to get out of it,” the actress said.

Braga, 35, is known for her roles in films such as “I Am Legend,” “Predators,” “The Rite,” “On the Road” and “Elysium.”

She is aware that a female role like that of Teresa “is very rare.”

“It is a huge honor for me. It isn’t easy to find leading female roles that are so powerful. I am pleased to see more series and movies that are following that path. We weren’t the first ones to do so, but we are part of the change,” she said.

Jun 2018
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PARADE — “There’s a lot going on this season,” Braga tells in this interview from the NBC/Universal Summer Press Day. “There’s a lot of action and a lot of passion. Teresa is going to go through new journeys that we haven’t seen her go through.”

What do you like about Teresa?

I like Teresa because she never victimizes herself. She is pragmatic and she is the hero of her own life because of the path that happened to her, the journey she was drawn into that she had to survive. It inspires me in a way that is very interesting as an actress: to not victimize myself, to listen and observe before taking action. I ended up learning certain things from her.

What did you find in Season 3 that you didn’t know before?

It is interesting because it is my first time doing a TV show. I have only done films before Queen of the South, so it is my first experience to be able to work on a character that stays alive. Even if you finish a season, the heartbeat is still there a little bit until we go back into production the next year. That as an actress is a great challenge because the character is still alive and you can transform it.

La Reina del Sur was a book that I read 9 years ago and I fell in love with the character. When they offered me the part, it was such a joy because I had so much passion for the character. The chance to evolve with her is very special. In Season 1, she was running for her life; in Season 2, she was finding  her role in Camila’s world, learning to deal with the manipulation that was going on, and discovering who she could trust and who she could not; now in Season 3, she’s in charge of her own life.

That path as an actress and a character is very interesting to play. I know a lot about her. I did so much homework. I know her path. On Season 1, I was figuring it out and now I know how to react to something if it comes along. 

Were there fresh challenges for Season 3 that you had to figure out? 

I think so, like life, we change from one year to the other. People that you meet change you or people you work with make you evolve. From Season 1 to Season 3 of this, she got more mature in the sense that in her own life, going through so much pain and suffering, especially with this show with its many scenarios — action, passion, explosions — it is great to see how she evolved as a human being and as a woman, more than anything, how she empowered herself.

Do you like those pain and suffering scenes?

I love it. My mom hates it. I send her selfies all bloody and she says, “Why do you do this to me?” It is great. When I did films like I Am Legend or Predator, you are running from zombies and monsters and all that. You don’t do that at home on a daily basis, so running when someone is shooting at you or a big explosion and you’re throwing yourself on the floor, I like it. It’s fun to act that. It’s like being a kid playing with your friends.

What about a love interest this season?

What I can say is there’s a lot of passion in Season 3, unlike what we’ve seen in Season 1 and 2. That I think gives you a really good hint. It’s exciting, but a lot of twists, which is great. So, it’s not only about the love, but there’s so much action and passion and twists, I think the audience is going to be very engaged.

Queen of the South returns for its third season tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA Network.

Jun 2018
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Hello Alice fans! Alice was live on Queen of The South Facebook page talking abou the new season, her character Teresa Mendoza, the book, Kate Del Castillo – who played the spanish-language version of Teresa in La Reina del Sur back in 2011 and who also stars in Netflix’s Ingobernable, how it is work with Peter Gadiot, Hemky Madera, Jon Ecker and more. The team of Best of Alice kindly uploaded it to YouTube and you can watch below:

Jun 2018
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Alice promoted ‘Queen of The South’ Season 3 on the Action Packed Show at KTLA 5. She was adorable as always and you can watch it below.

“Queen of the South” season three premieres June 21 on USA.

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Jun 2018
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Welcome, Alice fans! I’m finally able to open this site… Welcome to Marvelous Alice Braga (, your newest source for everything about the brazilian actress Alice Braga. She is most known for her work on movies such as Repo Men, City of God, Lower CityElysium, Blindnessand many more. She’s also the lead actress in USA Network’s hit show Queen of The South as Teresa Mendoza. Among her upcoming projects we can include Marvel’s The New Mutants as Cecilia Reyes. Make sure you keep checking our site for news, videos and images of Alice’s work!

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May 2018
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Yesterday (May 14), Alice Braga attended 2018 NBCUniversal Upfront in New York City to promote Queen of The South. Our gallery has been updated with HQ images!

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May 2018
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Hello, everyone! Alice attended NBCUniversal Summer Press Day 2018 to promote the “Queen of the South” Season 3.

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