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Jun 2018
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Hello Alice fans! Alice was live on Queen of The South Facebook page talking abou the new season, her character Teresa Mendoza, the book, Kate Del Castillo – who played the spanish-language version of Teresa in La Reina del Sur back in 2011 and who also stars in Netflix’s Ingobernable, how it is work with Peter Gadiot, Hemky Madera, Jon Ecker and more. The team of Best of Alice kindly uploaded it to YouTube and you can watch below:

Jun 2018
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Alice promoted ‘Queen of The South’ Season 3 on the Action Packed Show at KTLA 5. She was adorable as always and you can watch it below.

“Queen of the South” season three premieres June 21 on USA.

ALICE-ActionPackedShow-0003.jpg ALICE-ActionPackedShow-0007.jpg ALICE-ActionPackedShow-0128.jpg ALICE-ActionPackedShow-0133.jpg

Jun 2018
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Welcome, Alice fans! I’m finally able to open this site… Welcome to Marvelous Alice Braga (, your newest source for everything about the brazilian actress Alice Braga. She is most known for her work on movies such as Repo Men, City of God, Lower CityElysium, Blindnessand many more. She’s also the lead actress in USA Network’s hit show Queen of The South as Teresa Mendoza. Among her upcoming projects we can include Marvel’s The New Mutants as Cecilia Reyes. Make sure you keep checking our site for news, videos and images of Alice’s work!

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May 2018
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Yesterday (May 14), Alice Braga attended 2018 NBCUniversal Upfront in New York City to promote Queen of The South. Our gallery has been updated with HQ images!

ALICE005.jpg ALICE027.jpg ALICE030.jpg ALICE029.jpg
ALICE001.jpg ALICE002.jpg ALICE003.jpg ALICE004.jpg

May 2018
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Hello, everyone! Alice attended NBCUniversal Summer Press Day 2018 to promote the “Queen of the South” Season 3.

ALICE002.jpg ALICE027.jpg ALICE111.jpg ALICE146b.jpg


Apr 2018
Eduardo & Mônica  •  By  •  0 Comments

Actor Gabriel Leone and Alice Braga will star in a movie about the Legião Urbana’s song “Eduardo & Mônica.” The movie will be directed by Rene Sampaio with production of Gávea Filmes and Barry Company.


Apr 2018
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Alice’s production company Los Bragas’ first partnetship with Netflix get its first teaser. Samantha! is coming to the streaming service on July 6.

A child star in the ’80s, Samantha clings to the fringes of celebrity with hilarious harebrained schemes to launch herself back into stardom.

Mar 2018
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Some curious news broke recently regarding two of 20th Century Fox’s upcoming superhero films. X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the next installment in the main X-Menfranchise, and the horror-tinged spinoff The New Mutants have both had their release dates delayed, moving Dark Phoenix out of 2018 entirely and pushing New Mutants all the way back to next summer. Dark Phoenix is being pushed out of its initial November 2018 debut to February 14, 2019, so just a couple of months, but New Mutants is being delayed from February 2019 all the way to August 2, 2019.

This was the second major delay for New Mutants, which was originally supposed to bow in April 2018, and the first delay for X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Studios shuffle release dates all the time, but these are two of Fox’s most highly anticipated films on the docket, so many are rightly wondering exactly why these release dates are being pushed. We did some digging and found some answers.

When the film was initially delayed, it was reported that Fox wanted to do some reshoots to make the movie scarier, even going so far as to add a new character. That still holds true, and while we hear the film tested well, it’s not “scary” enough. Director Josh Boone delivered a cut of the film that he was happy with, but Fox wants this movie to stand out as tonally distinct the same way Logan and Deadpool did.

The reshoots that the studio wants are now even more significant. We’re hearing that at least 50% of the movie may be reshot, and they’re adding one or two new characters who will be present throughout the entirety of the film—this isn’t simply adding a cameo. Moreover, Boone has been having some creative differences with the studio over the requested changes to the movie, so the reasons for the New Mutants delay are more complex than why Dark Phoenix is being pushed.

Fox has gotten really ambitious with its Marvel Comics properties in the wake of Deadpool’s success, and one hopes that these changes being made to X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants are in service of pushing boundaries. The studio garnered a lot of goodwill (and an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay) with Logan, and anticipation is mighty high for these two new titles. Here’s hoping all’s well that ends well.

Mar 2018
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Variety — Netflix, Brazilian YouTube phenomenon KondZilla and Losbragas, one of the highest-flying of young Brazilian production outfits, are teaming for Netflix series “Sintonia.”

Just 29, Konrad Dantas has leapt to fame as KondZilla, a musicvid producer and director who has become the creative powerhouse behind a YouTube channel that has grown into the biggest in Brazil, with over 29 million subscribers. KondZilla Filmes is now the biggest producer of audiovisual music content in Brazil.

Run by actress Alice Braga (The Queen of the South), screenwriter-director Felipe Braga (Latitudes) and producer Rita Moraes (Neymar Jr.’s Life Outside the Field), Losbragas will produce “Sintonia,” marking their second collaboration with Netflix after “Samantha!” a sitcom shown by Felipe Braga due to bow on Netflix in 2018.

Created and to be directed by KondZilla, and conceived by KondZilla, Guilherme Quintrella and Felipe Braga, “Sintonia” is turns on three childhood Sao Paulo favela friends, Nando, Doni and Rita, who take different paths in their late teens, drawn by the sway of the drug trade, funk and religion respectively. Despite their trying to distance themselves from where they grew up, they ultimately realize that the only people who can save them from themselves…is each other, Netflix said in a statement Monday.